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SEA-PLM 2019 Trial testing report (2018)

The following report is a consolidation of the first and second phase of the field trial reports on SEAPLM. In the interests of completeness, this report includes some material already presented in previous SEA-PLM reports as well as materials described in the associated technical reports of SEAPLM. The report begins by outlining the purpose and features of SEA-PLM and then describes the work already undertaken as part of the SEA-PLM field trials including some of the lessons learnt throughout this process. The second part of the report outlines the key findings from the field trial phase and next steps. The final section of the report provides a set of recommendations for SEA-PLM as it moves into the main survey phase. The report is intentionally brief so that it can act as a key summary of program activities and next step plans for the SEA-PLM initiative.



Citation: UNICEF & SEAMEO. (2018). SEA-PLM 2019 Trial testing report. Bangkok, Thailand: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) & Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) - SEA-PLM Secretariat.

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