Saturday, 04 April 2020 17:10

Upcoming SEA-PLM events

  • National Team Regional Workshop – July - August, Bangkok

For discussing the data cleaning and psychometric operations, setting the final proficiency scales and training national teams to use the data sets.

  • 11thRegional Steering Committee – 25-27 August, Bangkok

For pre-launching SEA-PLM 2019 results and exchanging the SEA-PLM Programme short and long-term activities and opportunities. At distance consultation meeting may be organised earlier in the year for confirming SEA-PLM 2019 products and strategies on preparing the next round of assessment in 2023.

  • Launch of SEA-PLM 2019 Regional Report – 1 December, Bangkok

For publicly releasing initial SEA-PLM 2019 regional products and results at the regional level with the objectives to promote better learning policies and practices.