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Thursday, 10 October 2019 14:44

Meet the new Technical Advisory Group for SEA-PLM

Established mid-2019, the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for SEA-PLM plays a technical consultative and advisory role for SEA-PLM activities. By providing independent advice on SEA-PLM methodology and results the TAG provides a broader perspective on technical issues around the learning assessment, incorporating the expertise and experiences of learning assessment experts from around the region and globe. Through adding this additional technical oversight, SEA-PLM further ensures the delivery of high quality and reliable data.

The Chairs and members of the TAG are mandated for one SEA-PLM cycle and are selected by the SEA-PLM Secretariat. Meet the experts who make-up SEA-PLM 2019’s TAG!

TAG Co-Chairs

Dr. Jimin Cho – Korean Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation

Jimin cho portraitDr. Jimin Cho is a senior researcher and currently the Vice president of the Division of Educational Evaluation at the Korea Institute for Curriculum & Evaluation (KICE) in the Republic of Korea. She has an academic background in education specializing in educational psychology, including a Ph. D. from Michigan State University majoring in educational measurement and evaluation. Her major experience has been in developing the framework for student assessments, specifically in scoring and reporting based on in-depth analysis of various major assessments. Currently she is in charge of all international and national level of student assessments at Korea such as OECD programs, IEA projects, and National Assessment of Educational Achievement. She also currently serves in various capacities as a member of international steering committees for international and national evaluation projects.


Dr. Andres Sandoval Hernandez – University of Bath

andresDr. Andres Sandoval is currently a Lecturer in Educational Research at the University of Bath in the UK. Prior to that, he worked as Head of the Research Unit at the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) in Hamburg, Germany, and held different academic appointments at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) and the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO). Over the last few years, Dr Sandoval has also been a consultant for the ministries of education of several countries, for the World Bank, IADB, OECD, UNESCO, UIS, and other international organizations. His research interests include developing work around comparative analyses of educational systems using large-scale assessment data with a focus on educational inequalities and civic education.


Expert Members

Professor Esther Sui Chu Ho -  The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research

esther hoProf HO is the Professor of Education Administration and Policy and Director of the Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prof HO was the Project Manager of HKPISA-2000 to 2015 for 6 cylces, a Consultant for a number of PISA studies in several Chinese societies, and a Fulbright Scholar at Johns Hopkins University (2010). Furthermore, she has been a teaching and research assistant in the University of British Columbia, Canada and a teaching consultant for the World Bank in the District Primary Educational Program in India. Prof HO was also Primary and Secondary School teacher in Hong Kong.


Professor Nordin Abd Razak – School of Educational Studies, Universit Sains Malaysia

nordinDr Nordin Abd Razak is a Professor at the School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia. His areas of research interests include international large-scale assessment data analysis (such as TIMSS, PISA), quantitative research methodology, measurement and evaluation and applied statistical data analysis. He is a proficient instructor for large-scale assessments for secondary data analysis on TIMSS and PISA and is member and advisor to a range of different committees and projects for large-scale learning assessment including the Student Outcome Measures (SOM) Project, Malaysia’s national level research committee, the Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia Pacific (NEQMAP) and Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment (HKCISA). Currently, Dr Nordin is the Senior Research Advisor/consultant for Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER), Malaysia and at the university level is the Statistical Advisor for the Institute of Postgraduate Studies.


Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez – Education Testing Service Research Institute and International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement

Dr. Eugenio Gonzalez, has a vast and varied experience in the field of large-scale assessments in education. He is a Principal Research Project Manager at ETS and the Director of the IEA-ETS Research Institute. His previous positions include Head of the IEA’s Research & Analysis Unit, and Director of Quality Control and Fi­eld Operations at the US National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), and Director of Operations and Data Analysis for TIMSS and PIRLS.