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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 09:57

SEA-PLM endorsed at 42nd SEAMEO High Officials Meeting

The 42nd SEAMEO High Officials Meeting (HOM) 2019 was successfully held in Berkeley Hotel Pratunam in Bangkok, Thailand from 26 – 28 November 2019. The meeting serves as a platform for SEAMEO High Officials of member countries and associate member countries to discuss key policies, initiatives and programmes from across the region, with a range proposals and financial and programme updates submitted for review and endorsement.

A new working paper on SEA-PLM was shared with member and affiliate countries and partners highlighting the significant progress achieved by SEA-PLM in 2019 and previous years, in particular the completion of data collection for SEA-PLM 2019 and the confirmation of a new regional governance structure. The paper also requested recognition and support for the 2020 release of results and reports and the identification of sustainable long-term strategies around the transition to the second assessment round.

Based on country requests for additional information a short presentation was made by UNICEF EAPRO Education Specialist Erin Tanner. Non-participating countries Singapore and Brunei Darussalam expressed their ongoing support for the programme as Honorary members of the Regional Steering Committee. All progress and recomendations were endorsed by High Officials and will move for review and final endorsement at the next SEAMEO Council Meeting (SEAMEC).

SEA-PLM is forged out of the SEAMEO political framework, ensuring a strong sense of program ownership and belonging. The SEAMEO HOM along with SEAMEC are the key regional mechanism where approval, commitment and support for the programme is gained.

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