Saturday, 04 April 2020 16:48

Introducing the 2020 SEA-PLM Secretariat team

From left to right: Mr Antoine Marivin, Dr WahyudiMs Weerawan Theeraroungchaisri, Dr Ethel Pascua Valenzuela, Dr Salita Soongsawang, Mr Italo Dutra, Ms Erin Tanner, and Dr Orawan Sriboonruang


We are excited to introduce the 2020 SEA-PLM Secretariat team who will coordinate all SEA-PLM activities. The Secretariat is responsible for planning, programming and implementing the SEA-PLM work plan as approved by the Regional Steering Committee, and in collaboration with participating countries and key partners. 

Dr Salita Soongsawang joins the team as the new SEA-PLM Coordinator. She brings with her experience in managing human resource development programmes in Asia. She has recently obtained her doctoral degree in education, with a particular focus on ASEAN education cooperation, from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is based at SEAMEO Secretariat in Bangkok to support the implementation, coordinate activities and oversee communications concerning the SEA-PLM programme. 

Under a new partnership agreement for 2020, SEAMEO Secretariat and UNICEF teams will continue to closely collaborate to support the SEA-PLM Secretariat. Dr Ethel Pascua Valenzuela, Dr Wahyudi, Dr Orawan Sriboonruang and Ms Weerawan Theeraroungchaisri will remain key persons to lead the SEA-PLM programme on behalf of the SEAMEO Secretariat. For the UNICEF side, Mr Francisco Benavides, Ms Erin Tanner and Mr Antoine Marivin will continue to oversee the management of SEA-PLM programme. For the implementation of the final stage of SEA-PLM 2019 assessment, the Secretariat will carry on working closely with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to analyse and release the results.

SEA-PLM Secretariat looks forward to a collaborative and productive year ahead of working together with the Regional Steering Committee, Technical Advisory Group, national teams and key partners to achieve the completion of SEA-PLM 2019 data analysis and preparation for the launch of SEA-PLM regional report on 1 December 2020.