Wednesday, 26 August 2020 16:27

SEA-PLM Upcoming Regional Activities

  • 11th Regional Steering Committee – 17-18 September 2020, Online

For pre-launching SEA-PLM 2019 results and exchanging the SEA-PLM Programme short and long-term activities and opportunities. At distance consultation meeting may be organised earlier in the year for confirming SEA-PLM 2019 products and strategies on preparing the next round of assessment in 2023.


  • A Bilateral Meeting with MOEs on SEA-PLM Preliminary Results – 15 October-15 November 2020, Online

For informing progress on data analysis and provide preliminary results to the Ministers of Education with the aims to receive guidance on policy implications and national supports on SEA-PLM activities at the national level.


  • Launch of SEA-PLM 2019 Regional Report – 1 December 2020, Bangkok and online

For publicly releasing initial SEA-PLM 2019 regional products and results at the regional level with the objectives to promote better learning policies and practices.

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