Tuesday, 28 May 2024 15:21

SEA-PLM Launches a New Policy Brief on Advancing Global Citizenship Education in Southeast Asia

Many Southeast Asian countries have made Global Citizenship Education (GCED) a national priority, incorporating it into policies and practices in basic education. This implies a deliberate and structured effort to make GCED a significant and integral component of the educational system. The integration, however, varies considerably in scale and approach. These are the major findings of the latest policy brief “Promoting Global Citizenship Education: Policies and Practices in Southeast Asia” produced by the SEA-PLM Regional Secretariat 


The report examines the implementation of GCED across various countries, assessing its integration into basic education. The findings offer valuable insights into national practices and strategies, highlighting GCED's role in enhancing equity and quality in education. This report serves as a guide for further exploring GCED's impact and potential in improving basic education in the region. 


If you are a policymaker or educator in Southeast Asia looking to enhance your understanding of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) implementation, this policy brief offers invaluable insights and possibilities. Explore the details of the policy brief in the link below: 

SEA-PLM Policy Brief "Promoting Global Citizenship Education: Policies and Practices in Southeast Asia”

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