Wednesday, 03 April 2024 16:02

Accessing SEA-PLM 2024 Survey Technical Standards!

The Technical Standards serve as the guiding principles for survey activities within the Southeast Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM) assessment, 2024 cycle, aimed at generating a high-quality regional dataset. These standards establish a reference point for assessing the compliance of data quality and project implementation procedures by participating countries and technical organisations involved in SEA-PLM 2024, enabling effective monitoring.

The Technical Standards have been updated and approved by the SEA-PLM 2024 bodies drawing upon the SEA-PLM 2019 regional and national experiences, as well as the latest programme developments. The standards promote the need for consistency, precision and generalisability of the collected data, while also acknowledging the necessity of a certain level of variability inherent in a regional assessment of this nature.

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