Wednesday, 14 June 2023 15:12

Over 3000 students from 3 Southeast Asian countries participated in the SEA-PLM Field Trial

Lao PDR, the Philippines, and Viet Nam | Anieluz Pastolero: Over 3000 students from 79 sample schools in Lao PDR, the Philippines, and Viet Nam recently took part in the SEA-PLM Field Trial assessment focusing on reading and mathematics domains. This collaborative initiative not only involved students but also actively engaged parents, who provided their insights through the completion of contextual parent questionnaires. By adopting this comprehensive approach, the SEA-PLM Field trial successfully collected data, marking a significant milestone for SEA-PLM 2024.

The smooth execution of testing operations was made possible by the efforts of nominated teachers and school principals from selected schools. Taking on the roles of test administrators and school coordinators respectively, they underwent rigorous training conducted by the SEA-PLM National teams. The training equipped them with a deeper understanding of the regional standards and protocols, ensuring their adherence throughout the Field Trials. 

Ensuring the integrity and compliance of the field trial activities, a host of observers and quality monitors were deployed in schools. Monitors included members of the SEA-PLM National Teams, representatives from the Ministries of Education, as well as provincial and district counterparts, along with delegates from the SEA-PLM Secretariat, SEAMEO Secretariat, and UNICEF EAPRO. Their presence and expertise provided invaluable guidance, guaranteeing strict compliance with regional technical standards.

The successful conduct of the Field Trials by the first batch of country teams represents the culmination of their commitment and collaborative efforts during the preparatory phase. This achievement serves as a promising precedent for the second cycle of the SEA-PLM programme and lays the groundwork for the upcoming Main Survey in 2024. The invaluable experiences and lessons learned from the Field Trials will inform the programme’s progress as it prepares for the participation of the 2nd batch of countries later this year.

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